Democracy is what makes us

We are a community of people who believe in democracy and who want to give it real meaning as the next European elections approach. Why does this matter - and more importantly, why should it matter to you?

  • democracy is what makes us. It brings peace, freedom and a good quality of life to European citizens. It starts wherever you are, whenever you decide to change something you care about, whether it is small or big, like signing a petition or joining an event.
  • but democracy is always a work in progress. It can be easy to forget that democracy is made by individuals. The more of us work together on this, the stronger democracy becomes. There is always room for improvement. Building our European Union always was and still is an ongoing project.  And so is democracy.
  • together, we go further. European democracy is a core value we all share regardless of our political affiliation or views. Supporting it together is much easier than acting alone. And now, tens of thousands of people are joining us from across the EU, willing to speak up and take action to ensure we work to strengthen this core value that underpins our way of life in Europe. is a project run by the European Parliament, dedicated to getting as many people as possible involved in the democratic life of Europe and, in particular, to getting out the vote for the European elections in 2024.

To do this, connects people both locally and across Europe to meet, share knowledge, learn new skills and to bring our message to the communities around us. For the 2019 European Elections our community brought together more than 300.000 people who actively helped promote the elections. Today, is a vibrant, connected and growing community working to further European democracy and to do our part to encourage others to vote in 2024 - because the more people vote, the stronger our democracy becomes.

Who is for? is for anyone who wants to stand up for democracy in Europe. It is a community of individual citizens across the EU, but all kinds of civil society organisations or youth networks also sign up as partners and supporters for the same cause. empowers all supporters of European democracy, by making them stronger and more confident to raise their voice, share their values and act, thanks to the strength of a community. We welcome volunteers of any age and any background as well as groups or organisations. Wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever your cause or beliefs,  all we ask is that you share our commitment to democracy.

What do we do – and what can you do?

You will meet and connect with like-minded Europeans – and  learn about their ideas and projects. We will share knowledge and help you grow your skills – to use your voice, express your ideas for the future and engage with European decision-makers. We will help you discover people, groups and organisations that care about the same issues as you. You will have a unique connection with the European Parliament - and be able to get in touch with its teams all over Europe. Last, but not least we will celebrate your and our collective successes. Together.

How we do that?

The website is the central hub for all our and your activities to promote democracy and the 2024 European elections. Regular messages via email offer actionable ideas on events you can organise, action you can take and ideas you would share. We provide everyone with the right tools to join events and organise their own – and then to share your success stories with the community. For those who want to take things further, our teams across Europe, the European Parliament’s Liaison Offices, will contact you, offer training and support so that you can gain maximum multiplying effect. On the website, you will have direct access to the European Parliament’s campaign and communication materials to download and use in your own activities. And at the same time, you can share your contributions and material for others to learn from. Together for democracy

There’s something I want to tell you, it’s important.

It’s about something invisible that truly touches all our lives.

It’s all around us.

Yet quite often, we do not notice it enough.

Or only when it disappears.

When it’s too late.

It’s a very unique place.

A place where everyone is welcome.

No matter the team you support or the clothes you wear.

A place where you can speak freely without going to jail.

A place where you don’t die for a strand of hair.

A place where the future isn’t in only one man’s hands.

Where you can kiss whoever you want.

Where we can feel safe and take care of each other.

And where our kids would want to live too.

A place where we unite against adversity and decide on our future together.

It’s a precious place.

It’s called democracy.

Together, let’s keep it strong.

Join for democracy.